Unleash the Sound of Your Tattoo

Welcome to InkStory, the mobile app that lets you upload sounds you want to memorize and brings them to life with your soundwave tattoos! It's a new and exciting way to make your memories last forever.

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Memorable Sounds

Revisit and relish the most important audios that have shaped your life.

Scan & Listen

Instantly scan soundwave tattoos and unleash the hidden audio.

Up to 5 Tattoos

Each tattoo represents a unique audio experience, and with the ability to store up to 5 tattoos, you can curate a diverse and meaningful collection that reflects your personal journey.

One-Time Payment for Core Functionality

Enjoy the essential features of InkStory without any additional financial obligations, as you explore the captivating world of soundwave tattoos.

Where Tattoos Sing and Memories Resonate

InkStory was built with a passion for bridging the gap between body art and audio experiences. We recognized that tattoos hold profound meaning for individuals, serving as powerful symbols of self-expression. However, traditional tattoos lack an auditory dimension that can enhance the personal connection to the art.

By merging the visual and auditory realms, InkStory brings tattoos to life in a whole new way, fostering deeper emotional connections and evoking nostalgic memories.


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